Sanitary Hygienic Leakage Proof Butterfly Valve

  • Sanitary Hygienic Leakage Proof Butterfly Valve
  • Sanitary Hygienic Leakage Proof Butterfly Valve(Manual type)
  • Sanitary Hygienic Leakage Proof Butterfly Valve(Pneumatic type)
  • Sanitary Hygienic Leakage Proof Butterfly Valve

Sanitary hygienic manual / pneumatic leakage proof butterfly valves are designed with draining ports in the valve body in order to drain excessive mediums and avoid any retention. This function is valuable in hygienic piping line systems and equipment like CIP (clean in place) facilities and systems, thick liquid blending and mixing systems, aseptic dosing systems, and some other pipe lines that are used for the flows with corrosive mediums.

Design Highlights:
This sanitary leakage proof butterfly valve features a self-draining channel end that also allows for the monitoring of medium flow 24/7. In case of any leakage, it automatically drains the leak fluid or gas immediately through the draining channel.

Main Specifications:
Product Name Sanitary Hygienic Leakage Proof Butterfly Valve
Vavle Boday Material 304 or 316L
Sealing Material EPDM / HNBR
Size DN25 ~ DN125 / 1"-4"
Pressure Range Vacuum to 10 bar
Custom-made service We produce all kinds of customized sanitary valves
Applications Beverage industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Comestics industry, Water industry, etc.

Features & Advantages:
• Special design with self-draining end configuration
• Precise monitoring of medium flow
• Can detect flow leakage and discharge leaked fluid constantly
• Disc plate design for an excellent sealing effect
• High quality sealing material for corrosion resistance and against temperature variation
• Manual or pneumatic operation mode available
• Optional choice among clamp, weld, thread or flange connection ends

Options & Accessories:
Operation Mode 1. Manual handle 2. Pneumatic Actuator (stainless steel or aluminum)
Connection End 1. Butt weld 2. Tri clamp 3. Male Thread 4. Flange 5. Union / nut
Seal Material 1. PTFE 2. EPDM 3. VQM 4. NBR 5. FPM
Connection End Dimension Standard 1. Clamp: DIN11853-3 / DIN11864-3 / DIN32676 / BS4825-3 / SMS 3017 / ISO2852
2. Butt weld: DIN11850 / DIN11866 / EN10357 / ISO1127 / ISO2037
3. Male thread: BSP / BSPT / NPT
4. Flange: DIN11853-2 / DIN11864-2 / EN1092-1
5. Union: BS4825-4 & 5 / DIN11851 / DIN11853-1 / DIN11864-1 / SMS1145 / ISO228
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