Sanitary Hygienic Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve with Intelligent Top Control Unit

  • Intelligent pneumatic butterfly valve
  • Sanitary intelligent pneumatic butterfly valve
  • Sanitary fast loading intelligent pneumatic valve
  • Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve

Sanitary intelligent pneumatic butterfly valves with top control units are widely installed in hygienic pipe systems and equipment to open/close and control hygienic fluid flows with a high degree of accuracy:
1. C.I.P. (clean in place) facilities and systems
2. Liquid purification, filtration, blending and mixing systems
3. Production and recycling systems for purified water, highly purified water, water for injection (WFI)
4. High gravity brewing systems
5. Aseptic dosing systems, sterilization systems, sanitary batching systems, evaporation systems

Working Principle:
1. Push the blue button on the automation control unit and run the pneumatic actuator
2. The pneumatic actuator features either a spring return design or double air acting design
3. The operation of the pneumatic actuator moves its piston to rotate the valve stem by 90 degrees
4. Valve is opened or closed according to control medium flow rate of the pipeline

Intelligent Automation C-Top Control Unit:

1. Main types of control unit:
Sensor, C-Top (Direct control), C-Top control (AS-i BUS)
2. Main parts:
Control unit base, one solenoid valve, two position sensors, one PCB and enclosure
3. Power:
AC220V, or DC 24V; 3 Watt
4. Function:
Communication between valves and control panel by receiving and sending signals with its monitoring and order devices

Main Specifications:
Opened / Closed by Stainless steel pneumatic actuator
Working Principle Air / spring return mode, or Air/air double acting mode
Operation Mode Normally open (NO), or normally closed (NC)
Automation Control Mode Precise automation C-top control unit
Size DN10 ~ DN200 / 1/2" ~ 8", other size can be tailored
Valve Body Material: SS304 or SS316L, forged, material inspection report available
Seal Material EPDM / PTFE / NBR / VMQ / FPM
Working Pressure Max 10 bar / Min. 0 bar
Working Temperature -10 ~ +90 degrees centigrade
Actuator Air Supply Pressure 4 bar ~ 8 bar
Connection ends Weld, Clamp, Male or Female thread, Flange
Connection End Standard DIN / SMS / ISO / RJT / BS4825 / 3A / ASME BPE, etc.
Inside Surface Treatment Ra≥0.4-0.8 um
Surface Treatment Ra≥0.8-1.6 um

Highlight Features:
A higher class pneumatically actuated butterfly valve
Hygienic design for food, beverage, pharmacy and biotechnology industries
Automatically controlled by an intelligent control unit
Easy installation and self-configuration
Can be easily switched from normally open to normally closed mode
7 / 24 visible indication
Convenient for daily maintenance and repair

1. Over 15 years of professional experience in the design and production of sanitary valves
2. Smart digital control software
3. The valve can be installed very easily due to its pneumatic actuator fitted with a solenoid valve and 2 proximity switches
4. High quality stainless steel and sealing components
5. Highly durable against extreme temperatures and corrosive materials

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