Sanitary Hygienic Pneumatic / Manual 3-Way Ball Valve

  • Manual type with outer thread end
  • Manual type with female end
  • Manual three ways clamped ball valve
  • Manual three ways flanged ball valve
  • Pneumatic three ways welded ball valve
  • Pneumatic three ways clamped ball valve
  • Pneumatic three ways flanged ball valve
  • Pneumatic three ways threaded ball valve

Sanitary hygienic three way ball valves feature flexibility as they can be operated by pneumatic actuator or manual handle. They are used to converge, divert fluids or change fluid flow direction in all kinds of production pipeline systems used in the production of food, dairy, beverages, wine, pharmaceutical and chemical fluids.

The below photo shows an application example that these hygienic 3 way manual ball valves and pneumatic ball valves are used in pharmaceutical evaporation systems and purified water filtration system. Other hygienic equipment and fluid pipeline systems also utilize this kind of 3 way ball valve.

Design Highlights:
1. Our three-way ball valve is full-bore ball valve. The bore diameter is the same as the flow diameter. It has a stronger flow capacity. For example, a DN50 full-bore ball valve has a flow diameter of 50mm, while for a general ball valve of same specification, its actual flow diameter is only about 38mm.

2. The spherical core cavity of our full-bore three-way ball valve adopts a fully sealing structure, in order to ensure no retention and no dead leg. It is especially suitable for viscous fluid and the fluid with solid particles.

Flow Direction Diagram:
We produce both T-type and L-type sanitary three way ball valves. The T-type sanitary valve can connect three pipes in order to converge or divide fluid flows. The L-type valve can only connect two pipes in a pipeline for flow direction change purposes.

Technical Data:
Actuator Manual or Pneumatic
Size DN10 ~ DN100
Body Material 316, 304
Seal Material PTFE
Working Pressure 0 ~ 8 bar
Working Temperature -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Surface Finish Outside sanding polishing, inside Ra<0.8μm
Connection Welding, Clamp, Thread, Flange, Union
Standard DIN, ISO, BPE, 3A

1. Integrated configuration design
2. Very few flange connections, high sealing grade
3. Small and light
4. Long reliable lifetime
5. Ideal application in vacuum systems
6. Easy and fast operation
7. Wide range of sizes, connections, standards, assembly available

Valve Model Selection & Options
Let us know your choice from the below options, so that we can provide the most suitable model with most reasonable offer

Operation Mode 1. Manual handle 2. Aluminum Pneumatic Actuator
Connection End 1. Butt weld 2. Tri clamp 3. Male Thread 4. Flange 5. Union / nut
Seal Material 1. PTFE 2. EPDM 3. VQM 4. NBR 5. FPM
Connection End Dimension Standard 1. Clamp: DIN11853-3 / DIN11864-3 / DIN32676 / BS4825-3 / SMS 3017 / ISO2852
2. Butt weld: DIN11850 / DIN11866 / EN10357 / ISO1127 / ISO2037
3. Male thread: BSP / BSPT / NPT
4. Flange: DIN11853-2 / DIN11864-2 / EN1092-1
5. Union: BS4825-4 & 5 / DIN11851 / DIN11853-1 / DIN11864-1 / SMS1145 / ISO228
Automatic Control Accessories 1. Intelligent control unit 2. Limit switch 3. Valve Position Sensor 4. Solenoid valve
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