Sanitary Hygienic Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve

Product Description and Applications:
A Sanitary hygienic diaphragm valve is a kind of shutoff valve allowing for higher efficiency than butterfly valves or ball valves. Its special diaphragm structure separates its valve stem from the valve chamber, so that any fluid medium retention and leakage can be eliminated. This brilliant performance makes it quite popular with pharmaceutical and biotechnology production lines.

Sanitary hygienic diaphragm valves are installed on many kinds of hygienic pharmaceutical and biotechnical equipment and pipelines such as: Fermentation tanks, pharmacy dosing system, cryogenic drying system, aseptic filtration system, purified water production system, aseptic fluid transportation and CIP / SIP line, etc.. See below reference applications:

Features & Advantages:
1. Zero leakage diaphragm valve
2. Can withstand sanitizing and sterilizing under high temperature conditions
3. Acid resistant stainless steel
4. High corrosion resistant diaphragm complies with all major hygienic standards
5. Auto-cleaning

Main Diaphragm Valve Types:
We have sanitary manual diaphragm valve and pneumatic diaphragm valve for your choice. Please click below photo or product name, to find more details.