Sanitary Mix-proof Valve

Product Description:
Our sanitary mix-proof valve is a pneumatic valve which is designed to process two medium flows through the same valve simultaneously, all while preventing them from mixing together. Mix-proof valves are widely used in the production lines of dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical companies.

  • Sanitary Mix-proof Valve
  • Doubble Seat Mix-proof Valve
  • Single Seat Mix-proof Valve
  • Single Seat Mix-proof Valve
  • Single seat sanitary mix-proof valve
  • Double seat sanitary mix-proof valve

Main Types and Characteristics:
Our mix-proof valve consists two main types, as below:

1. Single seat sanitary mix-proof valve

* Low cost, economical
* Simple configuration, adaptable module design for various of demands
* Single seat with two sealing stems
* External cleaning system for CIP
* Connected with two drain valves to check flow leakage
* Leakage chamber is easily cleaned
* Various sizes and models are available for you to choose from

2. Double seat sanitary mix-proof valve

* Very low risk of flow leakage
* Stronger mix-proof function, due to configuration of two separate seals for the valve disc
* Special leakage cavity between two seals, to drain leaked fluid immediately
* Flows are under double sealing conditions when the valve is open
* Self-cleaning
* Various sizes and models available

Specification Details:
Size DN25 ~ DN125, 1" ~ 4"
Working Pressure ≤8 bar
Working Temperature -10°C ~+150°C
Material 304 & 316, EPDM
Connection weld, thread, clamp, flange
Intellligent controll actuator 24 VDC solenoid valve
Compressed Air Pipe Size R 1/8"
Air Grain Size 0.01 μm max.
Air Oil Content 0.08 ppm max.
Air Moisture Content 7.5g / KG
Valve body configurations:
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