Sanitary Tank Bottom Valve

  • Manual Tank Bottom Valve
  • Manual Elbow-type
  • Pneumatic Type (plastic actuator)
  • Pneumatic Type (steel actuator)
  • Tank Bottom Diaphragm Valve
  • Pneumatic Elbow-type
  • Tank Bottom Seat Valve
  • Non-Leakage Tank Bottom Valve

Product Description and Applications:
The sanitary tank bottom valve is also known as a medium discharge valve. This is a type of diaphragm valve that is installed at the bottom of sanitary tanks or vessels in order to completely drain fluid from the tank, leaving nothing behind. They are extensively used in industries with high sanitary requirements. We produce a variety of tank bottom valves including diaphragm valves, seat valves and elbow-type valves.

Characteristics and Advantages:
1. Compact configuration
2. Excellent sealing effects
3. Ideal 35 degree angle design to ensure stable flow and self cleaning
4. Maintenance and repair friendly
5. 0.2-0.45μm surface process
6. Higher hygienic grade, no fluid is left in the valve
7. International connections available: thread, clamp, butt-weld, and so on
8. Best quality SUS316 material, and sealing material, very strong corrossion resistant ability

Operation Mode Manual or Pneumatic with intellegent controller and position sensor for remote control
Size Ф25-Ф63, DN15-DN80, 1"- 3"
Body Material Casted steel 304 or 316L
Diaphragm Material 1. EPDM 2.EPDM+PTFE(Integrated) 3. EPDM +PTFE ( Separated)
Connection Welding, Clamp, Male, Flange
Working Pressure Max. 10KG ( EPDM or FPM Diaphragm ) Max. 6KG (PTFE Diaghragm)
Working Temp. 90 ℃ ~150 ℃ ( according to diaphragm type)
Applications 3A, ISO, DIN piping system

Valve Types:
We have various tank bottom valves to choose from along with the ability to create custom valves.

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