Sanitary Safety Exhaust Air Release Valve

  • Sanitary Clamp End Exhaust Air Release Valve with Pressure Gauge
  • Hygienic Clamp End Safety Exhaust Air Evacuation Valve
  • Sanitary Union End Safety Exhaust Air Release Valve
  • Sanitary Manual Exhaust Air Release Valve

Product Description & Applications:
The Sanitary hygienic exhaust air release valve is a pressure relief safety valve. This particular model is also known as a beer fermenter exhaust air evacuation valve, because it is often used on beer fermentation tanks. It automatically discharges excessive air out of the sanitary tanks and pipelines in order to keep the pressure inside the tank within the allowable, safe range.

Working Principle:
Step 1: Calibrate a specific pressure by adjusting the compression nut of the spring
Step 2: Under normal operating pressure, the valve is closed
Step 3: When the system pressure over the calibration pressure, the valve opens
Step 4: The pressure in the pipe system is released, the pressure value in pipe and equipment is restored to the set value range.

1. Fast pressure adjustment, easy maintenance
2. Adjustable pressure control, can be adjusted within the safe range
3. Low-density PP material, this material will not be deformed even after soaking in high temperature water for a long time.
4. With bacteria filtering and dust-proof function

Technical Parameters:
1. Working temp.: ≤6bar
2. Set pressure range: 0.5~6bar
3. Size: DN15~DN50
4. Seal: Food grade rubber
5. Medium temp.: 10℃ ~+120℃
6. Medium: fluid or gas
7. Connection ends: clamp, union, flange and butt-weld

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