Sanitary Elbow / Bend

Product Description:
Our sanitary elbow/bends are stainless steel pipe fittings used to change the direction of the pipeline. They are produced according to 3A, DIN, ISO, IDF, ASME BPE, SMS standard pipelines, making them popular in a wide range of production lines.

1. Advanced surface finish technology
2. 304 and 316L stainless steel with excellent anti-corrosion properties
3. High pressure resistant and extreme temperature durability
4. Various surface treatment techniques available: mirror polished, chrome plated, brushed, acid washing, electroplated

  • Sanitary 45 Degree Elbow Bend
  • Sanitary 90 Degree Elbow Bend
  • Sanitary 180 Degree Elbow Bend
  • Sanitary 45 Degree Long-type Elbow Bend

Main Types:
We have many types of sanitary pipe fitting bends, classified according to below categories:

By manufacturing technology sanitary forged bend / elbow, sanitary casting bend / elbow
By connection type sanitary clamp bend / elbow, sanitary welded bend / elbow, sanitary flanged bend / elbow,sanitary union bend / elbow, sanitary threaded bend / elbow
By bending angle sanitary 45 degree bend / elbow, sanitary 90 degree bend / elbow, sanitary 180 degree return bend / elbow
By standard 3A pipe fitting sanitary bend / elbow, ISO pipe fitting sanitary bend / elbow, DIN pipe fitting sanitary bend / elbow, ASME BPE pipe fitting sanitary bend / elbow, SMS pipe fitting sanitary bend / elbow, food grade sanitary bend / elbow
By radius and shape Sanitary stainless steel long bend / elbow, sanitary stainless steel short bend / elbow, sanitary stainless steel bend /elbow with straight end
Application Standard Connection Ends Size Range
3A pipe fitting 3A Weld, clamp 1" ~ 6"
AS1528 weld pipe fitting AS1528 Weld 1" ~ 6"
BS4825 weld pipe fitting BS4825 Weld 1" ~ 4"
DIN weld pipe fitting DIN Weld DN10 ~ DN300
DIN clamp pipe fitting DIN Clamp, union DN25 ~ DN150
ASME BPE pipe fitting ASME Weld, Clamp, or Clamp-Weld 1/4" ~ 6"
IDF / ISO pipe fitting IDF, ISO Weld, clamp, thread, union 25.4 ~ 101.6, 1"~4"
SMS pipe fitting SMS Thread, union 1"~4"
Product Galleries:
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  • Sanitary Union Elbow Bend
  • Sanitary Clamped Elbow Bend
  • Sanitary Thread-clamp Elbow Bend
  • Sanitary Threaded Elbow Bend
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Elbow Bend
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