Sanitary Straight Tee

1. The sanitary straight tee has the same diameter at all three ends
2. Short type, long type
3. Connection ends: Weld, Thread, Flange, Clamp, Ferrule
4. Pipeline applications: 3A, AS & BS food grade, DIN, SMS, ASME BPE, etc.

Application Standard Connection Ends Size Range
3A weld pipe line 3A Weld 1/4" ~ 6" short type
1" ~ 6" long type
AS1528 food grade pipe line AS1528 Weld 1" ~ 6"
BS4825 food grade pipe line BS4825 Weld 1/2" ~ 8"
DIN weld pipe line DIN Weld DN10 ~ DN150
DIN clamp pipe line DIN Clamp DN25 ~ DN150
SMS-DS pipe line SMS Weld 1" ~ 4"
ASME BPE weld pipe line ASME Weld 1/4" ~ 6"
ASME BPE clamp pipe line ASME Clamp, or Clamp-Weld 1/4" ~ 6" short type
1/2" ~ 6" long type

We have various models of sanitary pipe fitting to choose from along with customization options.

  • Sanitary Pipe Fitting Welded Equal Tee
  • Sanitary Pipe Fitting Ferrule Type Equal Tee
  • Sanitary Pipe Fitting Clamped Straight Equal Tee
  • Sanitary Pipe Fitting Threaded Equal Tee
  • Sanitary Pipe Fitting Union Type Equal Tee
  • Sanitary Equal Tee without straight end
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