Sanitary Tee

1. Our sanitary tees are used in a whole selection of different standard pipelines: 3A, AS1528, BS4825, DIN, SMS-DS, ASME BPE, etc.
2. 304 or 316 stainless steel
3. High precision
4. CNC lathe processed
5. Surface treated by Mirror polishing, semi-polish, matt finishing, sandblast or pickling
6. Ends come in weld type, clamp, flange, thread or ferrule
7. Wide range of size, standard, standard, connection end type for you to choose from

    1. Straight Tee

      The sanitary straight tee has the same diameter at all three ends
      Short type, long type
      Connection ends: Weld, Thread, Flange, Clamp, Ferrule

    1. U-shaped / Y-shaped Tee

      U-shaped tees and Y shaped tees act as the connection between main pipelines and branches
      Highly advanced technology is utilized for the surface treatment of these pipe fittings

    1. Reducing Tee

      The diameter of the branch pipe is smaller than main pipe on the sanitary reducing tee
      Short outlet, long outlet available

Our Compecitive Advanges:
1. We provide the best quality tees at reasonable prices
2. We provide samples for your confirmation before volume orders
3. We provide fast delivery
4. Flexible lead time
5. OEM, ODM welcome

We have a wide selection of pipe fittings as well as custom sanitary fittings.

  • Sanitary Pipe Fitting Straight / Equal Tee
  • Sanitary Pipe Fitting Reducing Tee
  • Sanitary "U"/"Y" Type Tee