Sanitary Cross

1. The sanitary cross is made of seamless stainless steel tube
2. These pipe fittings are used to connect main pipelines with branches
3. Compliant with high precision standards
4. Meets most hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical engineering industry
5. Shape: equal cross (same OD. of all four ends), reducing cross (main pipe OD > branch OD)
6. Connection ends: Clamp, Union, Weld, Flange, Thread, etc.
7. Pipe line applications: 3A, DIN, ASME BPE

Below are the most popular models of sanitary stainless steel cross pipe fitting. We can also accommodate special requests.

  • Sanitary Weld Cross Pipe Fitting
  • Sanitary Clamp Cross Pipe Fitting
  • Sanitary Thread Cross Pipe Fitting
  • Sanitary Weld Cross Short Type
  • Sanitary Union Cross Pipe Fitting
  • Sanitary Flange Cross Pipe Fitting
  • Sanitary Reducing Cross
  • Sanitary Four Way Sight Glass
Size: 3A weld & flange pipe line: 1" ~ 6"
DIN weld pipe line: DN10 ~ DN150 for both long and short type
DIN clamp pipe line: DN25 ~ DN150
ASME BPE clamp & weld pipe line: 1/4" ~ 6"
ISO/IDF weld & clamp & Thread pipe line: 1" ~ 4" for both long and short type
SMS pipe line: 1" ~ 4"
P.S.: other size, standard, and connection type can be customized
Wall Thickness: 1.5mm ~ 2.0mm
Material: SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L
Surface Treatment: Mirro polishing, matt finishing, sand blasting, or Acid washing
Polishing: Inner surface: Ra<0.4-0.8 μm, outside surface: Ra<0.8μm
Application: Dairy, food, beverage, wine, beer, pharmaceutical engineering, water, comestics
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