Sanitary Flanges

Product Description:
Sanitary flanges are one of the most traditional connection methods to connect different sanitary pipes, sanitary valves and pipes, in various piping systems. The sanitary flange connection consist of a flange body, gasket and bolt, which are usually welded or screwed into sanitary piping systems and joined with bolts. Most of our flanges are sanitary stainless steel forged flanges, which is the most popular processing technique in hygienic industries.

    1. Weld Flange

      Stainless Steel Sanitary Weld Neck Flange
      Stainless Steel Sanitary Socket Weld Flange
      Stainless Steel Sanitary Slip on Flange

    1. Threaded Flange

      Bore is either threaded or screwed, no welding is required
      Tapered to seal pipe and flanges
      Much more convenient for installation and maintenance when compared to welding flanges

    1. Lap Joint Flange

      Used with either a stub end or taft welded to the pipe
      Favored in low pressure applications
      Easy assembly and alignment

    1. Blind Flange

      No bore
      Fastened by stud bolts, much easier for disassembly than steel caps
      Applicable for sanitary and hygienic industry pipelines

Flange body: premium quality 304 and 316 stainless steel, with excellent rust proof properties
Gasket: NBR, PFTE available, with outstanding anti-corrosion ability and extreme temperature durability
Fastening bolts: 304 and 316 stainless steel, with super fastening performance

Sanitary Flange Types:
We can produce many kinds of stainless steel flanges including custom types.