Heavy Duty Sanitary Clamp

1. The heavy duty sanitary clamp is a strong structure to provide support for piping systems
2. Can hold pipe connections much more firmly than common light duty clamps
3. Long warranty period upto 18 months
4. Simple configuration with good-looking appearance
5. Low flow resistance, safe and reliable

Material: SS304 SS316L
Pipe diameter: DN10 ~ DN300 (DIN), 1/2" ~ 10" (3A / IDF), Ф12.7-Ф152.4 (ISO)
Working pressure: 2 ~ 6 Bar
Working temperature: -10~120℃
Standard: 3A,DIN,IDF/ISO,SMS etc.
Surface process: Mirror polish, matt polish, electro polish, 240 girt, 400 grit, etc.

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