Sanitary Pipe Clamp

1. The sanitary pipe clamp is used for fixing and connecting sanitary stainless steel pipelines
2. No need to weld or galvanize, saving assembly time by 3 times compared to flange and thread connections
3. Low operature cost
4. Installation space saving
5. The most reliable connection technology worthy of recommendation

Size: DN10-DN300, 1/2"-10", Non-standard size can be customized
Stainless Steel:. SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L
Available model: 13MHH,13MHHM,13MHP,13MHHS
Surface polishing: 180 Grit outside, Mirror Polishing.
Standard: DIN, SMS, 3A,ISO
Parts: 2pcs of ferrules,1 pc of gasket & clamp
Working pressure:.1.5 ~ 3bar
Temperature: -20℃ ~ +135℃

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