Sanitary Clamps and Hangers

Product Description:
Sanitary clamps and hangers are used as a method of connecting sanitary pipe fittings and other components. The clamp connection consists of two stainless steel connectors and a gasket. It has excellent sealing properties and serves as a great replacement for traditional connection methods such as flanges and welds.

    1. Sanitary Tubing Hanger

      Sanitary tubing hangers are widely used to support sanitary pipes and tubes in production lines of various industries with high sanitary standards.

    1. Sanitary Pipe Clamp

      No need to weld or galvanize, saving assembly time by 3 times compared to flange and thread connections
      Low operature cost
      Installation space saving

    1. High Pressure Clamp

      Favoured for pipelines with high pressure sealing requirements
      No need for welding, this clamp features three times faster assembly than flange connection methods

Features and Advantages:
1. Very easy to install
2. Better pipe connection appearance compared to weld and flange connections
3. Unlike welding connections, no need to damage the internal anti-corrosion coatings of the saniatry pipe
4. Consists of a sealing gasket, clamp, and fastening bolts
5. Unique sealing configuration design ensures excellent sealing performance
6. The higher pressure inside the pipe is, the better sealing effect will be

Main Clamp Types:
We have various types of sanitary clamps as well as custom options.