Production & Quality Control

1. The raw material we use:

  • Stainless steel bar (304 and 316L)
  • Sealing material
  • Castings
  • Forgings
  • Fittings

2. How we control the quality of material?
The following tests are 100% conducted on-site:

  • Visually check appearance and surface quality
  • PMI test to verify metal element ratio

3. Forming machine processing

  • CNC lathe processing
  • Milling machine processing
  • Punching press drilling
  • Punching press drilling
  • Cold bending molding
  • Welding assembly

4. How do we control the quality of machining?

  • CNC lathes from YAMAZAKI MAZAK
  • Advanced milling machines
  • use UT inspection to ensure the quality of welding
  • Weld polishing
  • 100% Appearance and size inspection online (thickness, roundness, etc.)
  • Size and appearance shaping

5. Outer surface processing
We offer the following processes to choose:

  • Mechanical polishing (MP)
    to improve brightness (gloss, matte)
  • Acid Cleaning for Anti-corrosion
  • Electrolysis (EP) to improve surface smoothness
  • Custom processing:
    Bright Annealing treatment(eliminate stress to improve toughness)

6. How do we ensure the surface quality?

  • Visual inspection
  • Roughness detection

7. Assembly and marking

  • Assembly
  • Marking

8. How do we ensure the finished product quality (FQC finished product inspection)

  • Visual inspection
  • Material grade measured by spectrometer
  • Dimension inspection
  • Roughness detection
  • Roughness detection
  • Sealing test

9. Cleaning and packaging

  • Ultrasonic cleaning sink
  • Packaging
  • Packaging
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