Sanitary Valves

Our sanitary butterfly valves are widely used in all stainless steel pipe systems of various industries like food, beverage, dairy, pharmacy, cosmetics and water.

Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipe Fittings

Our sanitary elbow/bends are stainless steel pipe fittings used to change the direction of the pipeline. They are produced according to 3A, DIN, ISO, IDF, ASME BPE, SMS standard pipelines, making them popular in a wide range of production lines.

Sanitary Ferrule

The sanitary clamp ferrule is an important connection component in certain pipeline systems. Our products are easy to install with reliable performance.

    1. Sanitary Clamp Ferrule

      Our clamp ferrules meet various international standards such as DIN, 3A, SMS, BS, AS, BPE, and are widely used in dairy, beverages, food, beer, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cosmetics and other industries.

    1. Sanitary I-Line Ferrules

      The sanitary I-Line ferrule is one of the main parts of I-Line series fittings. These fittings feature high strength and durability that you can count on in strict sanitary production lines.

    1. Sanitary Hose Couplings

      Raw Material: SUS304, SUS316L stainless steel
      Size: DN25 ~ DN100, 1" ~ 4"
      Connection: Weld, Clamp, Thread

    1. Ferrule Gasket

      Available in EPDM, FPM, PTFE, NBR, Silicon for you to choose from
      Diameters completely match with sanitary clamps
      Outstanding durability to erosion, acid, alkali

Sanitary Unions

Our sanitary unions are made from high quality stainless steel and they are a kind of pipe fittings that can be installed in a variety of pipe joints. Both ends are connected with their respective pipe thread, the middle is then sealed with PVC or rubber mat.

    1. ISO/IDF Standard Sanitary Union

      ISO Santiary Stainless Steel Nuts / Female: round nut, blind nut, haxagon nut
      ISO Sanitary Stainless Steel Male
      ISO Sanitary Stainless Steel Liner

    1. DIN Standard Sanitary Union

      Connected by: socket welding, thread
      Components: DIN sanitary bolt, DIN sanitary female, DIN sanitary gasket, DIN sanitary liner
      Male / bolt types: long type, short type, expanded type

    1. Sanitary Threaded Union

      Our sanitary threaded unions are loose pipe joint fittings with threaded connections. These are extremely common connection components.

    1. Ferrule Union Fittings

      The ferrule union fitting is a connection method mainly used for connection between instruments, valves and piping. The clamped pipe joint consists of three parts: joint body, clamp and nut.

Sanitary Flanges

Sanitary flanges are one of the most traditional connection methods to connect different sanitary pipes, sanitary valves and pipes, in various piping systems.

    1. Weld Flange

      Stainless Steel Sanitary Weld Neck Flange
      Stainless Steel Sanitary Socket Weld Flange
      Stainless Steel Sanitary Slip on Flange

    1. Threaded Flange

      Bore is either threaded or screwed, no welding is required
      Tapered to seal pipe and flanges
      Much more convenient for installation and maintenance when compared to welding flanges

    1. Lap Joint Flange

      Used with either a stub end or taft welded to the pipe
      Favored in low pressure applications
      Easy assembly and alignment

    1. Blind Flange

      No bore
      Fastened by stud bolts, much easier for disassembly than steel caps
      Applicable for sanitary and hygienic industry pipelines

Sanitary Clamps and Hangers

Sanitary clamps and hangers are used as a method of connecting sanitary pipe fittings and other components. The clamp connection consists of two stainless steel connectors and a gasket.

Other Sanitary Products

Sanitary sight glass, also called level glass or level viewer, is installed on sanitary pipes or vessels to supervise the current status inside the piping system. It's one of the most necessary sanitary pipe and vessel accessories in the food, beer, dairy, and pharmaceutical engineering industries.

    1. Sanitary Sight Glass

      Sanitary sight glass, also called level glass or level viewer, is installed on sanitary pipes or vessels to supervise the current status inside the piping system.

    1. Sanitary Spray Balls

      Sanitary spray balls are suitable for all kinds of sanitary piping systems and tanks
      Made of high quality stainless steel 304/316L
      Strong cleaning ability

    1. Sanitary Manhole Cover

      Assembled on the top of sanitary pressure tanks or vessels
      Withstand high pressure up to 10 bar
      Inner diameter ranges from 200mm to 800mm

    1. Sanitary Floor Drain

      The sanitary floor drain has outstanding draining efficiency and speed
      Brilliant fluid drain and self-cleaning capabilities